Pharisees loved Yeshua 

​We cannot clump all the Pharisees nor Sadducees  into a whole because some loved the Messiah as the KJV states  that  they desired him, John 3:2, Luke 13:31, Luke 11:37, John 7:50-51 Acts 5:34-39, Gamaliel,  whom was a Master gave the disciples room because he was righteous,  if you are an Anabaptist  you still hold Martin Luther’s antisemitic doctrines  and the early  church views of faith alone,  so even if you don’t claim Protestant  you are still a reformed believer  using a text originally created by Protestants who originally opposed Rome but perpetuated Catholic doctrines when allowing Lutheran ideals  to formulate the basis of doctrine.  
Galatians was a letter written  to Celtic or people of Gaul,  southern France who  migrated to Ireland  so Paul’s letter to them  and calling Fathers Word a curse is subjective to those  individuals  who are not Semites like the disciples and the Messiah.  I am of the same lands as the Messiah and teaching  Hellenistic or Green Roman doctrine has brought us to the mess that Revelation rebukes,  each church in Revelation  wasn’t hitting the mark,  so obviously something somewhere  went wrong and we are taught by Peter to go by the words of God rather than man Acts 5:29,  this is why Paul’s letters contains Fathers word but also contain Paul’s opinion and that is why PAUL was sent to the Gentiles without a wife or any seed which continues his Benjamite theology unlike Peter who had a family  and James both of which were sons of Judah, sons of Jonah.  Replacement theology  has poisoned our people’s understanding which  Father has said is destroying us for lacking  His knowledge instead of indoctrinated  views of men’s doctrines.  A Pharisee view is no different  a stumbling than Roman ideology of replacement theology.  No less an evil.

Author: Mahi Ministries

Rabbi Mort at Mahi Ministries

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